Traveling all around Vietnam in 14 days.

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Sa Pa

«I just rented my bike and it has barely been 30 min driving when I saw the first view point on the way. Once I stepped in, children started coming to me on by one offering the bracelets. Most of them gave up after my «No», but one girl kept on following me and begging to buy. I gave up and agreed, but after going back to my bike, other kids followed me, pushing and touching my bike and clothes which made me feel super uncomfortable and I had to say no to that girl. Suddenly she stopped and ran away behind the stone. Her absence was so obvious for me that I felt smth was wrong, got off the bike again and went to find her. She was staying behind the stone crying. After few minutes I succeeded in CALMING her, but she hasn’t asked me to buy anything anymore. She was standing still, looking at me with the eyes full of tears, but there was smth else I could barely understand. We would stay longer but other kids came to us and started approaching me again.»

Ninh Binh

…on the way to Hai Van Pass

Ho Chi Minh

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