Vera was born in 1993 in Cheboksary,  a small Russian town on the Volga river.

Since childhood, Vera felt a deep curiosity to learn more about this world and explore the beauty in very simple things often hidden from human eyes. 

Very soon, she felt she outgrew her native town and moved to study in Moscow. Moscow became small too, while the drive to discover the world grew every day. She soon moved to Germany to study and live there.

The cultural contrast along with the new mindset opened her eyes to limitless possibilities around her. 

It’s been more than three years now that Vera is traveling the world and working online as a digital marketer and a freelance photographer. Digital nomad, you name it.

This journey helped her explore the depths of her being, spiritually and emotionally. She embarked on a journey, and there is no way back.

Vera says: ”I want you to see the beauty of the world with my eyes and through my stories. Every time I take pictures, I get into the flow, and it feels like nothing else exists. Only my camera, the object of my photography, and myself. It’s such a marvelous feeling of presence and joy that you cannot compare to anything else.”

Passions: ashtanga yoga, meditation, traveling, photography, journalism, books, surfing, skating, exploring, hiking, mentoring.

Equipment: Fujifilm XT-3.

Let me share my stories. Enjoy!

Vera is a lifestyle and travel contributing writer. Some of the publications can be found below:






L’Officiel Indonesia #Freedom Issue Fall’17 







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